Sharks in South Africa – Exploring What South Africa Has to Supply Divers Away From Cape Town

1. Explore wild africa

If you are diving this area then additional about the east coast from Cape Town is Plettenberg Bay, which is exactly where you will most likely finish up if you are not diving Cape Town. And this is for a great purpose, the purpose becoming Raggedtooth Sharks. These waters are temperate and so the sharks are present in great numbers. These are fearsome searching beasts with loads of visible teeth, but in actual truth they are relatively passive animals. Though no dive operator can assure a Raggedtooth Shark practical experience, they can be located on each Whale Rock, which is a pinnacle with its base at 40m and raising up to just 5m under the surface, and also in the Playground, which includes a range of overhangs and gullies.

Travel northwards from Plettenberg Bay up to the Wild Coast and you will commence to really feel the warming effects of the Agulhas existing in their summer time months, merging tropical and temperate species in the water. In their winter months the Benguela existing alternatively pushes cold water into the area, which is the commence of the renowned Sardine Run. This spectacle is brought on by the sardines following the spread of the cold water that they inhabit and they can spread as far north as Rocky Bay. Then the warmer southbound existing narrows the water space out there to the sardines, forcing the fish into the massive shoals that make the sardine run so renowned. This massive mass of fish acts as bait to draw in the Frequent Dolphin who stick to the sardines in massive pods, prepared to feed on an simple snack of sardines.

Sharks and seabirds also join the feeding frenzy to comprehensive the image. If you are not going to the Wild Coast for the sardine run, then venture out to the two huge reefs, which are recognized as Protea Banks and Aliwal Shoal. Each reefs provide a great option of dive spots, but Aliwal Shoal is most likely the additional wide ranging, supplying dives from in between 5m and 30m plus. This region attracts the female raggedtooth sharks in their winter, who discover the overhangs and tiny caves. In their summer time months, the fearsome Tiger sharks move in along with oceanic pelagics such as manta rays. There are also a handful of wrecks in the region.

Protea Banks are deeper and have stronger currents washing by means of them and this provides it the title of the shark capital of South Africa. The reef of fossilised sand dunes attracts hammerhead, raggedtooth, thresher and tiger sharks to name but a handful of. The downside is that the region is impacted by river run off, but is nevertheless remains at the heart of South African diving. Lastly, the Sodwana Bay region additional north delivers but additional huge sharks and fish. Bull sharks, silvertip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, tiger sharks and even the occasional wonderful white will seem in this region.

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