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Preparing to create or make a Boutique hotel? Congratulations for taking the ideal choice, hopefully you are in the ideal city and place. Now a lot of hoteliers or entrepreneurs are opting to go into Boutique segment. I as a result believed it timely to pen down my personal experiences of generating Boutique hotels. Boutique hotels became well known in current occasions as it gave an chance to even a tiny house owner with a decent property of 3 rooms to convert it to a Boutique house and be rightly referred to as a “”hotelier””. Although there is no agreed definition of a Boutique hotel, by and big the business agrees that these are “”tiny, independent, trendy, life-style hotels”” their size ranges in between three to 150 keys.

There are particular distinct traits that differentiate a common hotel to a Boutique house. In the following para’s I would talk about these. Boutique hotels are generally suited to the metro cities, cosmopolitan cities or well known resort destinations. This is since the clientele it attracts is by and big in between 20 to 50 years age group belonging to upper middle revenue segment of the travelling public. Hence it is vital to choose the ideal location and inside that a prime place with very good neighbourhood.

The target clientele prefers to frequent hotels in downtown or CBD. Individuals argue that this aspect is also valid for any other hotel effectively there is no denying that place is a single of the most vital aspects in the accomplishment of a hotel. Let’s now come to the size of a Boutique hotel. Commonly we say tiny and qualify it with the variety of three to 150 keys even so some in the business strongly really feel that hotels above 100 keys should really not qualify for this segment. Their argument is that 100 keys is the optimum size to have the significantly preferred personalised connection in between the residents, guests, guests and patrons.

There is a merit to this argument as the bigger the size the far more impersonal is the interaction in between the individuals. Private but not familiar interaction is a further important character of a Boutique hotel. Choice of individuals with the ideal attitude and their coaching and grooming as a result assumes good significance. A Boutique hotel follows the philosophy of addressing its guests by name and not by their important quantity. In the current previous, some of the chains have also jumped on the Boutique wagon and launched their boutique brands. Although the chains will have the muscle of their promoting strength, their hotels will absolutely have places of similarity with their remaining properties, diluting the Boutique notion.

Boutique hotels are by and big independent hotels with distinctively distinct character from the common hotels. Even so lately we have observed the emergence of pure Boutique hotel chains, some of them getting as handful of as just eight keys in some of their properties. Architecture and interior decorator play a big part in generating uniqueness in style and an ambiance of vibrance. The hotels are chic in their character. The keep should develop into an practical experience is the slogan. I have lately observed a hotel with more than 15 distinct forms of rooms in size, lay out, decor and view. Every time a single stays in distinct rooms, it is a distinct practical experience.

The atmosphere of a Boutique hotel bubbles with a suspicion of intimacy and class. Such an atmosphere aids the hotel develop into the taking place location in the city or the place. The hotel should reflect the warmth in its style. Boutique hotels are as a result distinctively distinct than the other hotels not only in their character but also in their income generation prospective. A boutique hotel earns a greater per important income than the common hotel. Technologically, a Boutique hotel is a state of the art hotel with newest in web technologies, DVD’s in rooms, interactive flat screen LCD/Plasma TV’s, dimmer controls in the space. The hotels are also equipped with video conferencing facility by way of their business enterprise centre.

The entertainment possibilities in a Boutique house are far far more than the channel music on Television. They extend to trendy evening clubs, bars and discotheques. As component of the solution profile, Boutique hotels have at least a single, if not two trendy restaurants with distinct but distinctive cuisine. They employ celebrity or identified master chefs and serve a pretty meticulously selected and selective menu. The meals is not only tasty but effectively presented and served in a completely friendly atmosphere. Most of the time the chefs go to the tables to ask about the meals, its excellent and taste. He is normally prepared to prepare out of menu things on request. The decor of the restaurants is hip and inviting. The crockery, cutlery and glassware are matching the interiors of the outlet. Service pleasing and smiling and above all fast and effective. A boutique hotel sets the tone of style, intimacy, style and glamour. It is frequented by the who’s who of the city individuals who want to be “”observed about”” or “”observed with”” are normally there to make the atmosphere a taking place location. Inside the Boutique there is but a further intriguing and promising segment, “”The Boutique Heritage””.

Owners of old forts, palaces, villas and homes are generating fine boutique hotels. These properties reflect old standard royal living in ultra contemporary ambiance backed by newest technologies and extremely personalised service. The restoration and conversion is lengthy, tiring and costly physical exercise, but it is worth it. In Northern India, some of there properties are getting an ARR of about US$ 1000.00 per evening. Essentially these properties supply an unforgettable practical experience of the Royal Raj days. This proves that the notion of solution differentiation is the important mantra for generating a boutique hotel. Although boutique hotels are fairly a typical phenomena in the West, in Asia it is now selecting up at a pretty speedy pace. We see emergence of each independent hotels and a couple of boutique chains at national and regional level. Now a word of caution, any individual organizing to enter this segment will be effectively advised to go the qualified way.

Chose the ideal consultant accessible in the industry to help in generating a boutique solution. One particular should really recall that the distinction in between a common luxury hotel and a boutique hotel is in two elements, the subtle distinction in solution notion and profiling and the excellent of ultimate practical experience to the user. You are totally free to publish this write-up devoid of any modify in the content material electronically, in print, in your e-book, or on your net web site, totally free of charge, as lengthy as the author resource facts are incorporated. Ram Gupta is a qualified hospitality consultant with more than 4 decades of practical experience in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Far East. He has been connected with more than two dozen hotel projects and a quantity of state of art wellness spas.

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